Biting the bullet!

I’ve done something that I have not done for over ten years, I traded in a game. That is not entirely true I have traded in games on the behalf of my son and I allowed a friend o trade in my old PS2 and games I had when I lent it to him, but that was well after I had bought both an Xbox and PS3.

But this is the first time I have actually made the effort to take a game I liked (more on that later) and trade it in to buy something else. On Saturday I took Medal of Honour: Warfighter to CEX they offered £18 cash or £22 trade in value. I took the trade in value and bought the Complete Dawn of War ][ collection for the PC.

The long and winding road to the reason why!

I liked Warfighter honestly I did the campaign story was brilliant, I really felt for the characters you played and having quite an important character killed off was quite brave of Danger Close. On the other hand the veneer that was plastered over the multiplayer very soon peeled away to reveal how little effort was actually spent on this side of the game.
All the hard work and effort that Danger Close (and if I remember correctly) DICE did on the multiplayer of Medal of Honour (2010), ok if we look past the fact that the team death match maps rewarded camping and the maps for the excellent Combat Mission mode a lot of the time ended in sniper-fest, but with a little bit of effort that could be countered 😛 but the action was fast paced and kept you on the edge of your seat. Ok weapon customisation was a little “thin” compared to Call of Duty but there was enough to keep you playing, well I did anyway.

Between Medal of Honour (2010) and Warfighter, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 hit the shelves, yet either Danger Close or EA failed to learn ANYTHING from these games. Ok there are quite a few customisation options on offer but taking the Assault class as an example here, there are only 4 guns (HK416, DD M4V1, ERB & HK G3) for that class and the only variation it would seem is the accessories the weapons start with depending on which nationality you chose to play.

While that was slightly lazy of them there was still enough customisation to keep me entertained for a while but the real kick in the balls for me was the maps. For team death match the maps included with the game at launch are fine, the thing is there are a selection of game modes. The sad thing is all game modes end up being team death match but with flags or capable points or something to blow up. Yawn!. The game mode of Combat Mission makes a return sadly only to be a slightly increased size team death match maps! Now that is fucking lazy!

To add further insult to injury through the Medal of Honour held several bonus offers, first one go to the website, watch a video of the up-coming film “Zero Dark 30” to unlock exclusive gun camos. . . . America Only! wtf!!! Next up was exclusive camos offered with Veterans day. Now this didn’t really bother me so much as this was for American war veterans only fair enough. Next up we have a competition to eat something called “Slim Jims” to unlock more camos and that was America only as well. Between EA and Danger Close there is not effort to bring any kind of offer to the rest of the world (considering the game is meant to be about multi-national special forces!) people began to vent there frustrations in the forums. So for me this was the final straw, even the soon to be released “Zero Dark 30” expansion only has 2 maps and 14 gun camos? not putting very much effort into this game are they!

The finally Straws.

The over all feeling I get of the game is of one that was not just released a little to early but one that was chronically under invested in, expense was spared it would seem. Now I don’t know if it was Danger Close making the game they wanted (if so shame on them) or Danger Close making the game EA wanted (my money is on this option) but the franchise is well and truly shot in the foot now, I doubt we will ever see another Medal of Honour game, a shame after all this time, but I for one have had enough. Bugs I can live with (i.e. no reload animation sometimes) but the lack of effort put into map design, gun customisation and then EA/Danger Close totally fucking over the rest of the world and losing many, many fans of the franchise on the way for me was the last straw. I am now spending my time between playing Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty MW3/Blops 2 and of course World of Warcraft.



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