How I learned to stop liking Apple!

Many years ago when I bought my 1st Apple product I thought it was a great item soft touch wheel to change songs, on screen display to show you what song, how long it has been playing and all though other wonderful things the cassette/CD Walkman couldn’t do.
(NOTE: Walkman was a Sony product but we referred to anything portable with earphones as a “Walkman” back in the day) but this was as very short love affair!

Back then iTunes seemed to very easy to use, adding songs (at least I remember it that way) was simple, there was even an option to import songs via iTunes without the need to convert the files to Apple’s ACC format.

These days I would rather run a mile than use an Apple product, this has very little to do with Apple’s suing everyone and everything that moves, although I will say they are not alone in this endeavour  but they seem to be more active in this pursuit or Apple’s “Logo” pricing policy. Buy a PC with the same (or at least very close) specs as a Apple Mac computer but add around 40% extra to the price and there is people thinking Windows is over priced for an OS!

What has really turned me off Apple is their attitude towards their customers via iTunes, to me it seems that Apple treats its users as if they are one of two things A) Someone who is going to buy music from iTunes or B) Someone who is going to steal/pirate music.

I have two iProducts in my house currently a 1st gen and 2nd gen iPod Touches, both have been rendered worthless by iOS updates the end result being the only things we really used the iPods for cannot be used as it requires an iOS higher than 4.03. No more Facebook app and Bejewelled Blitz which means the only use we have for them now is MP3 (sorry ACC) players. Now that is even being made more difficult because of Apples attitude that everyone is a thief of a customer, but mainly thieves!

I shall explain.

When I bought the 2nd Gen iPod Touch it was meant to be mainly for the Mrs to use in the car but there was no “ownership” intended yet thanks to iTunes someone has to have an account some where to get things done on it. I wanted to add some albums yet unless I can remember the account we set up on it I cannot add new albums, oddly enough I can sync it up and the songs are added but not visible. Which is why the Sony Walkman MP3 player I have is now used and the iPod Touch has been reduced to nothing but a mobile authenticator for my World of Warcraft account.

Yes I could set up an new account or run through the whole rigmarole of account recovery but I just want to add music and listen to it at my leisure yet with Apple’s “Everyone’s a thief!” policy that is beyond worth while so I drag and drop my music folders to my Walkman and as far as I am concerned its all win for me. Can’t wait to buy my Google Nexus 7.


I first saw this program advertised some time ago of the TV channel DAVE here in the UK, I recently discovered that there is a load of these shows on Youtube to watch and have been wading through the episodes slowly as I don’t want to get to the end of all the videos in a rush.

Here is a more sedate episode with Sir Patrick Stewart as a taster.


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