Posting in the BF 3 forums.

I made a bet with a friend recently that if I post in the Battlefield 3 forums with a reasonable amusing, throw away post it would attract trolls who just can’t help themselves but be sarcastic or nasty. He said people would just ignore the post because I was not trying to make a contentious post about nerfing a weapon or accusing someone of cheating.

Needless to say I won and very quickly too. So I tried something else opening a thread about suppressors. I took great pains to point out that I am not requesting a change or a nerf or suggesting that suppressors are OP but putting forward an idea. That idea was suppressors only quiet the weapon, I quoted my sources Mythbusters, Sons of Guns and American Guns TV series. Now in game when you fire a suppressed weapon or someone fires one near you, you can quite clearly hear the “click” of the weapons action and the “puff” of the round leaving the suppressor. With this information in hand I suggested that maybe if a shooter near you is using a suppressed weapon and within a certain range they should still appear on the minimap but only to those that are close enough to hear the shooter.

So I stood back and waited for the trolls to post, However just for shits and giggles it was suggested that I defend the position to see what happens.

Needless to say, even pointing out that I am notcalling for a change to suppressors or a nerf, that is exactly what I was accused of within a few replies. It was then I noticed something that is akin to that old game of “Chinese Whispers” the further down the thread the replies went, it was beginning to become clearer that less and less people had actually read the initial post and was basing their whole argument on what other people had said.
So very quickly I had become someone who “saying that suppressors was OP” and “demanding suppressors to be nerffed!” when it was plainly clear that I hadn’t done.

I will say both myself and my friend had a great laugh at these two threads and maybe engage in the forums again sometime soon just to see what reactionary idiots we can fish up in the “troll nets”



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