and this I played. . . .

Mostly World of Warcraft it has to be said, followed by a shed load of Battlefield 3 on the PS3. Other distractions consisted of the eventually disappointing Medal of Honour: Warfighter. I did start the year with Rage, the Mad Max-esque shooter. Other noticeable games I enjoyed but that I came late to was the 3rd person adventure games in the Uncharted series. I ended up playing them in reverse order, which I can say with absolute confidence is the worst thing to do. Mainly because by them time you get to first game all the improvements made to the game play are not there and it spoils the experience. (I didn’t actually finish the first game) 

With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 it highly polished game play could have eaten in to my Battlefield 3 time but my son took Black Ops 2 from me to play and I’ve not seen it much since 🙂 Blops 2 suffered from an alarmingly over powered SMG weapon family so my favoured assault rifles seemed impotent even the latest patch seems to have only gone a small distance to addressing this op-ness.

I finally got my copy of Diablo 3 for Xmas and started the long grind to get to a  that is somewhere close to my friends so I can play along side them and even contribute to the fight and not cower at the back 🙂

What will the future bring, well I may finally stop playing World of Warcraft, but considering I’ve not played another MMO that has come even close to topping World of Warcraft I doubt it’ll be replaced any time soon. I aim to buy the Aftermath expansion for Battlefield 3 or save my cash for End Game expansion we shall see. 

Well see you on 2013 peeps.


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