I’ve left my World of Warcraft subscription end and this time I think I’ll just let it stay that way, I still enjoyed the game was enjoying playing my Tauren Paladin and Pandaren Monk but the spark had gone from the game and I think it is not actually the games fault but mine. Over the years I have only been in 3 guilds, the first was formed by real life friends as we all started playing at the same time. When I got into raiding I followed a few friends from our small guild into a raiding guild. I liked it there, I made a few good friends and didn’t feel like I was just an invisible grunt even in 40 man Molten Core raids. Around TBC when some friend stopped playing I left and joined another small guild aimed at 10 man raiding, most of these guys came from Denmark and while they always made me feel very welcome I always felt a little on the outside. (If any of them read this I would like to point out I very much enjoyed my (short) time in the guild and the feeling of being “outside” was purely my issue and nothing that any of you did) Very soon though I found myself back into my original Alliance guild and pretty much the only person there for some time. I tried joining guilds on other servers but I always kept coming back to my original server and my characters there. Quite frankly I either felt invisible in those guilds or the guild was just an empty front for the GM to collect lots of gold from the Cash Flow perk.

When Blizzard added the Guild Levelling system into the game during Cataclysm it became another reason why I couldn’t leave my guild, Well guilds I was spending more and more time Horde side by this point. The fact that I had personally put in so much effort into levelling each guild, Alliance side of the top 5 players in terms of guild activity 4 of the characters was my own.

guild roster

This created a very subtle grasp on my life (well in game at least) it made it impossible for me to type in the /gquit I needed to remove a character from the guild and join another, the time and effort I had put into my own guild/s kept me there and I was just as reluctant to allow outsiders to join my guild. Had I become a guild hermit or some Gollum character treating my guild as the “Precious” ? So with no friends in game to speak of and unwilling (or should that be unable?) to leave my guild/s I have began to play less and less I would log in play about on the farm at Halfhill maybe do a couple of quick scenarios and find my self logging back out again.

This is not to say that Blizzard are not blameless in this matter. For example when the announced transmogging I was really interested in taking the level 60 PvP “C3P0” set for Paladins, which could be bought for gold at that point, for Banhammer’s “Transmog” set sadly Blizzard decided to make one slight unannounced change which to me was like a giant “fuck you” and that was to make those armour set only transmoggable by those who had the appropriate rank during “Classic” World of Warcraft. Looking back this was the starting point for the “end of the affair” I had with World of Warcraft. Another nail in the coffin was the that armour sets became harder to get, during cataclysm even the out dated sets still required raid tokens for at least two pieces of the armour set? For someone who didn’t raid but did do a lot of 5 man Norm/heroic dungeons I quite liked Wrath of the Lich Kings system where I could be out dated raid set from a vendor for Justice Points, I wanted a complete set, I was happy with that yet Blizzard decided that I was not good enough to even by a full set of an out dated tier set!

What made the transmogging set issue even more galling to take was that the only people I ever saw wearing the set I wanted to use was the level 60’s it was designed for not once did I ever see the set being worn in a 5 man dungeon (and I have done a LOT of them) or once did I see a level 85 (or 90 for that matter) run past me in Stormwind wearing that set.

So now we get to Mist of Pandaria, another typically great expansion pack by Blizzard yet this time the chances of me getting a decent complete set of armour with set bonus (even out dated but still viable for 5 man norm/heroic have been reduced even more. Rep grind via dailies is soul destroying, I could head into the LFR but bitter past experience has shown me that A) I’ll get my item ninjared from me by someone who spent the whole fight dead and B) It has always been a costly wipe fest which is just a waste of my time.

Ultimately all these things combined I think has left me this slightly embittered Gollum character I guess. But this Gollum has finally had enough and has left Frodo run of with the precious while I go off and play other games. People always levelled the accusation and Blizzard that the game is now aimed at casual players, I guess they have never played the game at a casual level otherwise they would know it’s very much not.


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