I have Returned!

Well that didn’t last, my self imposed retirement from World of Warcraft. The draw of coming back, even if it is very lonely on my own in my guild <Nac mac Feegle> (ok not quite on my own one other person plays when he is not busy with school work). *violin plays*

When I retired I spent quite a bit of time playing Battlefield 3 and even tried to catch up with friends who are playing Black Ops 2 online (caught one but he doesn’t know it yet!") but I still craved logging in to WoW, quest, run dungeons, level cooking and many other seemingly endless tasks WoW sets in front of us.

I think buying these from Toys R Us was a bad idea as it poured flames on the fire!

need a better camera

I really need a better camera!

Lucky for me the local (well easy to get to via walking) Toys R Us only sell the cheap kits other wise I would be drowning in Mega Blocks and poor by now.

So what have I been doing in WoW?

Thanks for asking, well mainly I have been getting disillusioned with Paladin class, the introduction of Holy power in Cataclysm, while a minor inconvenience added a little bit more depth to the class. With the addition of 2 extra Holy Power and spell changes means playing Retribution (in my opinion) is now hard work.

Exorcism,  Crusader Strike, Judgement to get 3 Holy Power, so far so good, now do I fire up Inquisition now or do I wait for the cool downs on Crusader and Judgement to earn two more Holy Power. This way I can get Inquisition running, then with Exorcism I can finally use Templers Verdict. The sad thing is while I am being forced to build up Holy Power so I can finally do some real DPS rather than just tickling my target Casters and other Melee classes are just pulling away on the DPS meters!

Ok while some people think worrying about the DPS meters is a bad thing and is the cause of many arguments in the past I like to use them to know I am at least keeping pace with the group and at least beating the tank and healer on DPS 🙂

I have however spent more and more time playing my Monk, Gingerpaw he is now geared for LFR but I have not been in there yet as past experience of LFR was wipe city so I gave up. I am finding the Monk class really fun and easy to play, DPS is great and I can keep up in Heroics with out much effort and unlike my Paladin at the moment I don’t feel like I am being towed through the instance.



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