Leather Working? Hardly Working more like!

So Patch 5.2 “Throne of the Thunder King” has been live for a few days now. The Isle of Thunder is a pretty neat place, plenty of stuff to beat up, quests to do and fun to be had in general. One thing that did catch my eye a few weeks back was the addition of new PvP items to the Leather Work trade skill. You can read the 5.2 Profession changes at Wowhead.com here. http://www.wowhead.com/news=211072/patch-5-2-guide-to-profession-changes

Having recently decided to finally give my Monk a trade skill (Leather Work being the obvious choice) I had a goal, I spent a small fortune on buying up various leather types and a few frustrating, well more like boring hours farming the required leathers. Good grief that was hard work. Anyway I finally hit Pandaria leather working and all I can say is I made a serious dent in the Stag population (and a few moths) just outside of Paw’don Village. If D.E.H.T.A had a representative in the Jade Forest I would be enemy No. 1.


What happens it seems is this, head to the Isle of Thunder kill a few mobs till the two patterns (Magnificent of Hide/Scale) drops, learn them and once a day you can make a Magnificent hide (using 20 Prismatic Scales or 20 Exotic Leather) and at the same time get a random recipe for Epic quality PvP gear and some PvE gear. So far I have managed to make nothing my Monk can use unless I switch to Mistweaver spec, believe me you wouldn’t want me healing you in a 5 man Heroic, I wouldn’t want me healing me in a 5 man Heroic!

The biggest joy followed rapidly by disappointment was that I finally made a leather item with Agility on it! Woohoo my Monk is up and running with his first item. . . . . . then I read the bit at the bottom that said “Classes: Rogue” WTF Blizz No really WTF! It looks like once again it is going to take me weeks to get a set or gold! Oh I see it’s another plot by Blizzard for us to spend the gold everyone seems to think we have bottomless pits of gold just sitting there! My “richest” character has 15,000 gold, ok that is quite a bit compared to some but that is an endless stream of dailies and quests, that is making the effort to farm the ghost Iron he needed to make the armour and weapons he has and not paying the excessive prices people want to charge in the AH for items, because of this belief that money is easy to come by!

Money, Money, Moany!

Look I know we get almost 20 gold for MoP dailies, but unless you are prepared to spend a good 5 hours doing and many of the things as you can find, your still not going to end waist deep in gold. To be as rich as some people claim, you have to do as many dailies as you can, as many dungeon runs as you can AND play the Auction House.  So I just wish people would stop prattling on about how rich they are and/or how rich they think the rest of us are, because we are not!


One Response to “Leather Working? Hardly Working more like!”

  1. Today 14/03/2013 is the first day of success, I finally got myself some Monk only PvP gloves. Perseverance young Padawan!

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