The community isn’t dead, manners are!

Over the years there has been many forums threads and much finger pointing, mostly at Blizzard because the changes they have made to World of Warcraft oddly enough many of which have been asked for by the players themselves. Things like Cross realm dungeon finder has been (apparently) at the forefront of “destroying” the WoW community. Personally I found I’ve never run so many dungeon or met so many different people since it was introduced so for me it has been a good thing. Ok very few of the people you meet in Cross realm dungeons you’ll not meet again, or that some you meet are either just arsehats or elitist arsehats either way praise the small gods for cross realm ignore!

Lets rewind the clock slightly, back to a time before The Burning Crusade. <insert time travel wibble> Trying to get a 5 man group set up sometimes took quite a while to organised, on top of that if someone left it was time spent heading back to a city to ask in trade for a new tank/healer/dps, travel back to the instance. what a fiasco! Roll forward a few years <more time travel wibble> and with a press of a few buttons, you can be queued singularly or with a few friends to fill in the missing slots in a group and spank the instances. Everybody wins!

Ok that is a very simplified version of events and quite honestly Cross realm dungeon finder has meant that there is a little less community in game but in my experience it has made guilds bigger and stronger, I may be wrong but I speak as I find.

I think what has ruined the game more than anything has been the Daily Quests. A nice way to earn some gold, rep and gear but these quests have made players more cut throat. Gone are the days of asking or being asked “Do you need to kill these mobs? lets team up!”. Now we get people who see you fighting a mob right next to a quest item (or even a mining node/herb) and they will walk up take the item and walk away. Another classic is tagging the mob that you are about to fight so that they get credit for the kill yet you’ve done the work.

Gingerpaw dancing in happier times! 🙂

Let me give you an example, last night I was completing the Golden Lotus dailies. I’m not greedy, I am quite happy to fight one mob at a time, yet I pulled one mob, yet some Gnome Mage tags it, yet I got aggro so I walked away to tag another mob, only for the little bastard to tag that one too. Now I had aggro on two mobs but both tagged by the Mage! So I just kept on walking away until lost the aggro. Why would a person play in that manner? Next example, same area, same day, A Human Mage is fighting a couple of mobs, health is below half way so I pile in and with a few Spinning Crane kicks and jabs and the mobs was down. I buffed the Mage with my Monk’s two available buffs, meanwhile the Mage loots the mobs, mounts up and flew away! Would it really have hurt to target me and type /ty ? how hard can it fucking be. Last example I am at Whitepetal lake, looking for Mogu spies (or something like that) found a Dwarf Deathknight fighting the Lizard Rare that lurks around there, fight wasn’t going that well, once again I jump in and start helping the DK out. We kill the mob, he loots and then just jumps on his flying mount and leaves! Again not even a /ty!

The really sad thing is that when I log in later today to play a few hours of WoW I’ll end up helping people with no manner, buffing players who just can’t even be bother just to offer up a simple /ty.

So in a very roundabout manner I am suggesting that when someone you do not know offers you some help, buffs your character without asking or is even fighting a mob near a quest item say thank you or ask if they need that item then maybe they will remember you name or next time they see you out in the world repay the favour. Otherwise we will just end up with this nasty taste in our mouths or bitterness and resentment and when you really do need the help you won’t be able to ask me as you’d be on my /ignore list for being an arsehat!


6 Responses to “The community isn’t dead, manners are!”

  1. Yep, finding the same thing happening with my characters as well. If I see someone struggling, I’ll jump in and help them out so they don’t have that long “ghost run” back to their corpses. Not even a thank you, not even a word of anything – sure is fun playing solo in an MMO these days.

    I think what is happening is that the grind for some of these reps are so intense and people get so focused on that one thing that they leave their “manners” at the door. When someone helps me out, I always say thank you, even if I have to chase them down to do it.

    • Sometimes, I wonder if it is just a difference in what “helpful” means. Say we leave out the obvious “help,” like healing or buffs. What about when somebody tries to save you by killing mobs that are attacking you?

      My main is a huntard, which usually means that I don’t need help (although not always). In past games I’ve played, people weren’t trying to save your skin by grabbing some of the mobs, they were trying to steal your kills – it was set up so that whoever did the most damage to the mob got the EXP.

      Dinoland is one place where I have this happening a lot. Because Dinomancers DO hurt and I AM fighting them alone, I approach carefully. If there’s more than one in aggro range of where I anticipate my pet will tank, I freeze at least one other mob while we are both out of aggro range/not in combat. Freezing it doesn’t seem to tag it … but in many situations folks will get the idea that it’s mine and the situation is handled.

      There are a lot of people out there now for dino bones and the novelty factor, though. So I have a pretty instinctive “GRRRR” reaction the moment somebody attacks the mob next to my pet that I had ice trapped. I wasn’t in trouble, so it isn’t help to me – and with my past game experience, it’s more like taking “my” mob and the associated loot/EXP.

      On the other hand, the only “helping” I can do as a purely DPS class would be to shoot somebody in the face. I mean, shoot the mobs attacking them in the face. Would that be considered helping, or would I just wind up annoying them by taking aggro with Growl and accidentally tagging crap that he or she hadn’t hit with anything yet? Did it LOOK bad, but did he/she have an insane gearscore and/or a pocket healer in the trees I didn’t see?

      Anyway, my other theory is that quite often, people aren’t paying attention. Texts, dinner, phone, door, etc.

  2. I think the grind has become this feeling of competitiveness and a “dog eat dog” world when it is just not the case. 🙂

    • The Isle of Thunder can totally be player-eat-mogu.

      Seriously, they spawn like roaches and yet there never seem to be quite enough … except when, of course, you are trying to run back to turn in the quest, and then they spawn on all sides of you and there’s NOBODY AROUND who wants to kill them.

  3. I recall that efficient leveling in Final Fantasy 11 often required a party, which usually involved sitting around in a certain zone with your party flag thing up, praying to Gawd someone needed another damage dealer.

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