It’s all in the rod, daily!

My faithful Monk, Gingerpaw has been completing his fishing dailies in the hope that not only will he increase his fishing skill and finally upgrade from Seth’s Graphite Fishing Pole he got from Seth in the Lower City of Shattrath. I would normally have completed the rep grind for the Kalu’ak fishing pole as modelled by Banhammer, but with only 3 dailies and about 3 one of quests that makes getting that rod a up hill struggle.


Fortunately during Wraith of the Lich King expansion they added two fishing rods obtainable via the fishing daily quest found in Dalaran. Both of which Banhammer had been lucky enough (re: persistance) to get them. First off is the dazzling Jeweled Fishing Pole for those that like to look fabulous while fishing or if you are looking for something suggestive (got bone?) you could hope for Bone Fishing Pole fnar fnar!


Cartier for the keen fishermen.
Got bone!

So far Gingerpaw has had no luck from the dailies but he has managed to garner enough reputation with the Angler’s faction to be able to buy the Dragon Fishing Pole from Nat Pagle in Krasarang Wilds.


Sadly it was added to the game files as a gag by Blizzard but I would love to see the quest they would put in game so that we could earn a Legendry quality fishing pole! Yep that’s right there is(n’t) a legendary quality fishing pole! Checkout this link to the item at WoWhead. Crafty’s Pole – Legendary!

Just realised I have not even managed to get the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat yet, although I have lots of Sharpened Fish Hook and Glow Worms to be had for now but the item Nat’s Hat is looming on the reputation horizon for Gingerpaw so I’ll have that instead I think.


2 Responses to “It’s all in the rod, daily!”

  1. Whoa, I’m an avid fishermen in-game as well. Had to smile at the fishing poles you already have and I’m with you – there has to be more to be had.

  2. I want to see an Engineer made fishing pole that lets you cast 5 fishing bobbers at once that would be cool! 🙂

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