Paladins & Some game history.

I spent the majority of Classic WoW playing a Mage by the name of Windlepoons I’d specced as Fire and refused to change to Frost for Molten Core, mainly because Frost spec is was and is (to me at least) boring. Early on in Burning Crusade I switched to Elemental Shaman, who I called Lowping, mostly because I had never played a Shaman and I loved the look of the Dreanei so I had to roll one.

For quite a while was the only Elemental Shaman in a guild doing 10/25 man raids Burning Crusade raids, the other Shaman being Enhancement, nobody seemed to play as Restoration Shaman in the early days, well in my guild at least.

Like most people I had many alts to keep me occupied, I had one character I rolled, about my 5th alt if I remember correctly who was a Dwarf Paladin. I called him “Olafolafsson” as he was the “son” of my first character I made, a Dwarf Warrior called “Madolaf”, anyway I digress.

Wibbly fade to history effect.

I had stalled in levelling Olafolafsson at around 45, give or take a level. As playing Paladin just struck me as a chore, buffing every 5 minutes, until you got the “Greater” versions the Paladin buffs. DPS seemed low compared to other classes and when (in my case if) you get to level 60 the armour drops from Molten Core pretty much forced you to become Holy spec. Personally I wouldn’t want me healing me let alone a 5 man or a raid. So Lil’ Olaf as I began to call him slipped from the levelling schedule and was the only character out of 10 that wasn’t level 60 when Burning Crusade Expansion hit the servers.

A guild mate of mine, who raided along side me as a fellow Mage got to talking one day about our characters and I remarked about my Paladin being stuck at level 45. He said that I should play him again as the new expansion has brought a few changes to the class. So one evening I logged Lil’ Olaf in and began once again to play him. I got him to Outlands quite quickly and (no pun intended) became bogged down in the Zangermarsh zone. Once again I had hit a levelling wall, this time around 62 and stopped playing him.

Fast forward a few more months and either by design or by accident Blizzard gave the Paladin a little bit of redesign and the class became viable, many would say overpowered. I logged him back in and it was not long before he had spanked his way through the denizens of Outlands and was standing along side my Shaman and Mage at level 70.

Needs more tail.

However, one day I joked to my friend that the Paladin class was still missing something. I told him that Paladins "Need more tail!” This was the point that I rolled Banhammer and this was the point at which I was started to play as Banhammer more than I did as my Shaman. On one particular occasion I was asked to tank a dungeon, I’d never tanked as Paladin (or even as a Warrior) before, but I was given a link to a web page that detailed the basics for me and the group of people I was tanking for was quite patient. After that I was hooked, Banhammer became my main and I was tanking 5 man normal and heroics instances.
By this time I was not in a raiding guild and my time was my own, lots of random 5 man  and I could make decent “starter” armour as a Blacksmith also at the Argent Tournament grounds the vendor there sold epic armour for Justice points. I couldn’t be more happier, I was tanking all night, I had bought a complete set of Tier 9 Retribution and Protection “Turalyon’s” armour sets. In my eyes I looked the “bomb”

Cataclysmic changes.

Wraith of the Lich King Expansion was replaced with the Cataclysm expansion, for me this is when things went wrong. Don’t get me wrong I loved the expansion zones, new quests to complete and enemies to fight, places to explore and a story to live. What did disappoint me more than anything was the tier armour sets. If I wanted to complete a set I HAD to raid! I did not want to raid, I did not want to set foot inside a raid or in the LFR, yet if I wanted to complete the set of armour I had to raid, to maybe get the chance to roll of the token for my class. *sigh* So there Banhammer was wearing 3 pieces of the fugly Tier 11 armour set and a mixture of pieces from around various 5 man heroics. Not a happy bunny to say the least. Not even rolling a Tauren Paladin could put all of the smile back on my face.

When Blizzard announced Tier 12 I was hoping that they would remove the token requirement for but they didn’t even when tier 13 came out I would still have to hope I downed the boss and then actually won the roll to get the token. By this point I was playing less and less, seems odd that one little change would effect me in such a way, well Ok combine that with the Transmog PvP armour set bullshit (fuck you Blizzard) then for me it wasn’t that small of a change.

Getting old but not giving up.

Now we get to current content, Mists of Pandaria, typically polished and epic adventure that we have come to expect from Blizzard and with Pandas to boot. I levelled up Banhammer and then Saintangus and was looking at whom should I level next. The obvious choice had to be a Monk. I had already booked the name “Gingerpaw” with a level 1 alt, so I deleted him and rerolled him as a Panda.

Lucky I had heirloom weapons cloak, chest and shoulders, combine that with the 1 hour “Zen Pilgrimage” xp Buff you could get every day and it was not long before I was actually on Pandaria content. Monk is a very easy class to play compared to have “clunky” Paladin has become. I also found that in 5 man heroics as a Paladin I was losing out on trinkets and armour/weapons to ninjas (bad luck it would seem) Plate tanks and even Holy Paladins rolling (and winning) DPS trinkets and armour items, so I started playing as Gingerpaw. He seemed to be more lucky than Banhammer or Saintangus and very soon I was actually all geared head to toe (paw) in iLevel 463.

These days when I log in to WoW I find my self logging into Gingerpaw first, completing farming tasks at Halfhill then a few dailies and some scenarios and heroics. If Banhammer and Saintangus are lucky they get dusted off and a run or two but they are for all intent and purpose semi retired adventurers.

Next week I may continue this little mild whine/rant history or I might just hate on Druids in flight form!



3 Responses to “Paladins & Some game history.”

  1. I share your angst with the luck of the draw in some instances. I have quite a few that I am still trying to push through to Panderia yet although I do have five 90s sitting up ther now. Grinding rep is where I am hitting a bog down for the moment.

    • Now rep isn’t available by wearing a tabard gaining rep for me hit a road block. In the end I was just farming (literally) at Half hill for Tiller’s rep. With the rep bonus changes made in 5.2 I am back on track, mostly. 🙂

      • I started grabbing the commendations as quickly as I could so my “alts”, of which I have many, wouldn’t have to grind themselves to death. Yep, I miss the tabards, however, with the new “choices” for rep gains in the dungeons, it’s a bit easier.

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