I think I love you!

The other night my word was rocked, I fell deeply in love (well deeper). Yep I am definitely in love, although I am now having very weird thoughts about metal suits. I will say I already have the massive hots for Gwyneth Paltrow, I’ve even found it in my heart to forgive her for marrying that massive arse from Co****ay (I’ can’t even bring myself to type his name or the band he is in). When my girlfriend is fully aware that if Gwyneth decides to dump him and finally come around to the idea that I am the man for her, she is being dumped like a hot stone. Now that may seem harsh (but it’s Gwyneth Paltrow for gods sake!) but conversely I am fully behind her choice of kicking my arse into touch if David Boreanaz rides into town to take her away to live in paradise.

Anyway when she linked the Iron Man 3 TV Spot #2 trailer for me to see on my Facebook wall I had to go and have a lie down. I mean Gwyneth Paltrow in a Iron Man suit!! OMG

“I’ve got you!” “I got you first!”

The first time I watched the trailer I didn’t quite see what was happening at around 0:18. The self fitting Iron Man suit is being attaching it’s self to Pepper Potts, then it cuts to the scene where she is protecting Tony Stark from falling debris. You can watch the trailer on Youtube here.

Iron Man 3 TV Spot #2 Trailer.

Not the biggest fan.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the “super hero” comics and films, I did watch the original Superman films at the cinema when I was a kid, well we all did back then we only had 3 TV channels (maybe 4 but I cannot remember when Channel 4 started), we also watched the Batman TV series but that was when choice was limited, no saying that they was bad programming or not entertaining but my interest was firmly in World War 2 films, Star Wars and comics such as 2000AD, Battle! and the old Commando “war comics”. Hey it was the late 70’s early 80’s that was all the rage back then, maybe not be up to todays nanny state, politically correct standards but all good fun!

As I grew up, well I mean I started working and had my own money I got into more adult comics (mostly American ones) such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nam, Watchmen and other sorts of comics but mainly Sci Fi or Military. I have been slow to the “Super hero” party, but I have seen all the Hulk’s, X-men, Iron Man films they have thrown our way all be it months after the cinema release date and on DVD or Blu Ray.

Of all the films I have enjoyed the Iron Man films most and the Avengers Assemble was great can’t wait for what they will take the Avengers next!

Next time.

I should have talked about how fucking amazing the new Battlefield 4 reveal trailer was, but Gwyneth wins out over that. Needless to say it was AWESOME.

Anyway watch it here!


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