Bananas in Power Armour

Last months White Dwarf magazine from Games Workshop featured a handy guide for painting yellow in the form of a “How to paint Space Marines of the Imperial Fists chapter” painting anything bigger than a shoulder pad I always felt was a pain in the butt. Not so with Citadel’s new paint system it seems.  I went to the local GW store and bought the paints listed in the guide.  Overland Sunset, Yriel Yellow and Flash Gitz Yellow and the all important “shade” of Seraphim Sepia.
In the past the normal method for painting anything yellow was thus
1, Undercoat the miniature in white, a white as pure as driven snow.
2, Paint on a coat of yellow.
3, Repaint over the yellow.
3, Give the miniature a 3rd coat of yellow.
4, Get annoyed, give the yellow a wash of orange.
5, Paint on more yellow, give up6, Wonder how the hell the ‘heavy metal team get such good results, give up and paint Ultramarines instead.

I picked out the bits I needed to make up a Space marine and gave him a quick coat of Ceramite White as an undercoat then applied a coat of Averland yellow. The colour goes on great even over a rushed undercoat, it also dry quite quickly which means you can get to the shade/wash pretty quickly.
Once the Seraphim Sepia is dry you can start with the layer on Yriel yellow. At first I thought this paint was going to be a little like the old days but it covers quite well, not perfect but well enough, although the model did need two coats and a few “touch up” spots. Last up was the highlights using the Flash Gitz yellow, as I was on using this to highlight it was being used in very small lines of colour. When I was painting it was not always visible and took a few goes to get a good highlight, however the light I was painting with was not the best but in the cold light of the day Flash Gitz yellow made a striking highlight. The end result is a Space Marine of pleasing quality that I have now painted several more. I am now beginning to like yellow,first time in 20 years.

This blog post was made on my Google Nexus 7 using the WordPress app, not quite worked out all the details yet so I will add pictures later.


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