Perma Death!

Sometime ago I tried the “Ironman Challenge” where the goal was to survive using only grey/white quality, no talent points or having trade skills. I rolled a Paladin, Tauren of course and managed to get her to level 50 before stopping. I stopped mainly because it was a pain in the butt to get armour and weapons which made levelling a slog. In short I was not Iron enough for the Ironman Challenge.

Having recently got my 4th level 90 character my Mage called Windlepoons. The more aware of you will not the achievement says “Terrific Trio” and I said “4th” level 90, that is because I have two Paladins at level 90. As the achievement is for different classes I was not awarded it early because of that.


Anyway bringing the conversation back to Perma Death, after getting Windle to max level I decided to try and get back into my Ironman character, the thing is the changes to how characters level in terms of spells means that most of the spells I would be using while levelling requires actually picking a spec, which under the Ironman rules would be a violation. So I decided to roll her (for it is a female Tauren) as a Protection Paladin, I really need to learn to tank with my Paladins but I am finding protection spec a little over “technical” for my tastes.

Ironman for a new generation.

What I have decided to try out is my own version of the Ironman challenge. The rules are simple but a little more generous that the normal version.

1. Pick a spec and talent tree options (as you level)
2. No gifting cash, heirlooms, weapons and equipment from other characters.
3. No guild or guild perks.
4. No Auction House.
5. Only items that are gained as quest rewards or player made. Only exceptions will be gems in TBC and above content.
6. No dungeons, LFD or otherwise.

While I am sure there are rules I could add that seems enough for now, but I think you get the gist. With those rules in mind I was thinking of trying again with my own set of rules, the only thing to do is to pick a class and race. Tauren is a good bet for me 😛


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