To delete or not delete?

Over the years I have spent playing World of Warcraft I have played all the classes available to the adventures of Azeroth. Well I say “all” what I mean is I struggle to play the Warlock class past level 15 and have never had one at max level for any expansion, but to be fair to the class it has changed quite a lot over the years and for me may now actually be playable.

It is change that brings me to write todays blog, When World of Warcraft was new I was one of those people who was rolling characters all over the shot. Within a short period I had rolled a Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Paladin and Hunter. I had not rolled a Druid and the Night Elf was the only race at the time that could play that class and I wasn’t about to lower my standards and roll and Elf!!

Anyway most of these characters I kept, some I deleted but in the end I had a full compliment of the classes baring Druid and Warlock. I had briefly (several times in moments of boredom rolled Warlocks and Druids only to delete them around level 15 to 24, the classes just never caught my imagination. So I just never bothered with them and carried on playing my other many characters.

Then the burning started!

Sometime during The Burning Crusade expansion I had a little spare time so once again tried rolling a Druid, this time I had managed to do some reading and spoke to some people in the guild I was in and rolled a Balance Druid or as I became to call them “Lazor Chickens”. This was more like it pew pew all over the shot, I really got into the Druid class now and very quickly got max level. For me the class became even better in Wrath of the Lich King expansion and I played the snot out of my Druid and even had a full set of armour from the tier vendor, the only other character that was better equipped was Banhammer.

Cataclysmic intervention.

During the Cataclysm expansion Blizzard did the most amazing thing ever and that was to introduce the “Sunwalkers” or in game terms, Tauren Paladins! So after levelling Banhammer to Max level the next logical choice (for me at least) was to roll a Tauren Paladin and Saintangus was born. Maxing him out was a pleasure but next onthe list I chose to level my Druid (called Moomin btw) but now Blizzard had changed the class and introduced some Sun/Moon thing (I get it this is the “balance” thing) but I just could not pick up the class again, my DPS was always lowest and I felt ineffectual.

Ok look, for me being high on the DPS chart is not a big thing, but if my DPS is soo low I feel like I am not bringing anything to the group, even if it is a LFD run, this annoys me no end to the point that the only reason Moomin was max level at the end of the Cataclysm expansion was that I levelled him in the world and avoided dungeons completely.

7 Years later.

I have played since the EU launch of World of Warcraft with only a few months off in total. Yet still I have no Warlock at any level in my character lists (several Paladins, 3 on my main server alone). I think maybe the time has come that I should try out Warlock class again, the issue is this. Should I delete a character on my main server or roll on one of my alternative servers? I personally leaning towards my main server because I have my own guild there and plenty of gold, items and heirlooms to go around. This then is why this particular blog post exists, even if it was once again a long and winding road to get to the point.

Should I delete Moomin the unplayable Balance Druid and roll a Warlock? To delete or not to delete that is the question, a question I am failing to answer myself.


2 Responses to “To delete or not delete?”

  1. I’m always torn when I delete a character because I become too “involved” with them. Hehe, that sounds weird but you do build up a certain amount of yourself in each and every one. Your druid may not be as unplayable as you think – I have two that are on the backburner and will get back to them in the near future – both are Balance/Feral – so, the best of both worlds, however, they are still babies and not near to being geared other than full BOAs at this point. I’ll roll a warlock straight out the box and see if I could adapt to it before I deleted an “old” favorite.

  2. Exactly how I feel about Moo in, had quite a lot of fun with him for a while it is hard to press that delete button. I don’t want to give Blizzard £15 for a sever transfer, far to much money for an automated service. I shall have to think on it some more 🙂

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