The Rage, Oh the Rage!

Been quite for a few weeks, you see I am a busy bee, sometimes the rest of the time I am just being lazy. But for my loyal readers. . .you have to be loyal to read this drivel, I present my new blog post.

Red Dead rage.

I had not lifted my PS3 controller for sometime so decided to play a game I liked the idea of but didn’t get when it was new, so I treated myself to Red Dead Redemption with the Zombie expansion pack for the bargain price of £17.99 brand new. As it is pretty much GTA on horse back it didn’t take long to get back in to the swing of things. At first I kept failing little side missions, for example I kept getting a guy run up to me to rescue his wife as she was going to be hung, figured out I should shot the rope lol another one for me was the ambushes I would ride right into them as I was paying more attention to riding my horse. Anyway things settled down and I was progressing nicely when two things happened that made me hang up my six shooters.

The first incident was when I met a guy I’d rescued a few time now during the “I know you” side story. The game had bugged out and I couldn’t holster my gun. So when I leapt from my horse I pressed by mistake the aim key and the story was then listed as “Failed”. As I had not saved the game recently I would have had reloaded a few mission back to get to this point again. The second straw that broke the back of the camel was just after I was given a task to break in a horse, so it could be ridden you dirty minded people, I was asked to get a guys horse back. I checked the map and he was some distance away already so I’d need my horse. I whistled and waited, eventually the horse I just tamed turned up just as I was told I had failed to get the horse back. To this I gave a heavy sigh turned off the PS3 and went to read my current book.

Battlefield rage.

With the new World of Warcraft 5.3 patch out I went back to play out the story of Vol’jin’s rebellion although fun it was very short, disappointingly so. After that there seemed nothing to do my grind quest items for the weekly hand in. So I went back to Battlefield 3 as a little diversion from that grind. For a few days I was quite sanguine and was enjoying myself immensely, I even switched to my alternative account as there was nothing left for the main account to unlock barring Sniper rifle bits and as I am a shit shot with those I felt it best to leave them alone.

The Saturday however was a different story, the game is back to people who are seemingly bullet proof and even after having a whole magazine emptied into them can then turn right around a put one burst into me and I am dead!

In one instance the target was 10 feet or so away (hard to really tell in game terms but pretty close) I aimed, red dot centre mass, pulled the trigger 27 rounds later he has 2% health left!! DAFAQ!

As so it went person after person un-killable but can kill me with ease. Look I know I am not the best player, far from it, I am pretty confident in say that I am just above average. I have a K/D of around 1000+ kills more than deaths, a 400 SPM and around 1.2 Win/Lose ratio. But it would seem on weekends there seems to be a whole raft of people that are not only un-killable but supremely accurate with weapons well out side alleged effective range.

At this point I am about 6 on the rage scale, I still putting in reasonable K/D per game, losing game after game though. Then I get to today, Sunday night, A few quick games and then back to reading. Playing TDM on Caspian Borders I see a guy through a gap in a barricade, I aim, I shoot, blood spurts, spent shell casing leap away in slow motion, 30 bullets later, considering I practically have my barrel pressed to his back, he is down to a few pixels of health and I aim killed by someone else!

9.9/10 on the scale!

I know when a gun is fired the recoil makes the gun bounce around a little but even the worst shooter in the world could not miss from there! Oh wait a minute I did it seem. I respawn and I am immediately gunned down, thanks game, thanks a lot. Respawn again and I find myself heading after a guy he runs into cover I am close, so close, I aim, I have him in my sights, he’s mine, dakka dakka dakka, 30 round spit forth, the smoke clears and low and behold he still has 1% health left and guns me down in one burst from his AK-74U!

The band Spinal Tap had a gag in their film about their amps going up to 11, well good new I have a rage bar than goes all the fucking way to 20 out of 10. So I quit out turned off the PS3 and walked away, it was that or I am going to the shops on Monday looking for a new PS3 controller and those smeggers are not cheap!

On a more lighter note.

I noticed that my alternative character for Battlefield 3 have a “Quit” percentage of 29%. Now I know I don’t quit that many games in progress but if I queue for TDM and get Rush mode I am out of there is a hurry, same with Conquest. If I wanted them game modes I would choose them, but it would seem EA/DICE’s quick match browser cannot tell the difference!


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