Sorry, Warlords has kept me busy.

My last Blog was on the 15th November, a few days after Warlords of Dreanor’s release, during the time period we shall call “The Troubles” a dark time to be sure! But since then things with WoD have improved greatly and have been very busy levelling 5 of my characters in WoD content. The first of my characters to level to 100 is, of course Banhammer, here is that moment in glorious techniclour!

Dinging level 100 in Spires of Arak zone.

Dinging level 100 in Spires of Arak zone.

The Garrison system is very enjoyable and this is the reason I have been levelling 5 characters. Each garrison (eventually) will get an Ore mine and a Herb garden which you can harvest even if you do not have those gathering professions. So with this in mind I am making sure I have 3 Alliance characters and 2 Horde Characters with functioning level 2 garrisons to get the most out of these places. My Herbalist/Alchemist Shaman has a nice supply of herbs to play with and Banhammer conversely has a nice supply of True Steel ore heading his way 🙂

Questing wise each zone seems to be telling it’s part of the story, even if you don’t entirely follow the questing flow, you know quest here a little, then move over there and quest a little more, then travel back, the story does not feel broken or disjointed. NPC characters that you started the expansion with crop up every now and then to lead you through some more of the story line and then go away again, for me it just adds further to the whole feeling you are part of something bigger rather than being a powerful hero, super soldiering your way through everything the world has to offer without so much as breaking a sweat.

I wonder where my fish has gone?

I wonder where my fish has gone?

I must say professions are a little weird this time around, Blizzard has made this effort to include garrison buildings and helpers into the mix, which pretty much means you cannot really make anything quick without having the correct garrison building. Banhammer (naturally) is a Blacksmith and Miner, he can smelt the True Steel ore once a day (Cooldown resets in the morning), this gives him a minimum of 4 bars and currently up to 7, this ammount should increase the closer I get to 700 skill in Blacksmithing. He can also give the forge master “Work Orders” to make True Steel and they will make a bar every 3 hours (or something like that). The downside to this is that the best items take 100 True Steel bars to make and since getting the Garrsion forge up and running I have only managed to get enough True Steel to make 3 items.

Lucky the top end items Banhammer can make are iLevel 630 and can be upgrades, well it says something like “Stage 1 of 3” in the tool tip, but you can on wear three “Warlords forges items”, not sure if this means rings and neck items made as well or just the armour, time and research will tell. Overall though I think they took a step in the right direction of making Blacksmithing useful again but then brought it back and hobbled it in other ways.

Ok, well I am heading back into Dreanor to continue questing, hopefully I have a better blog next time and not just cobbled something together.


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