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Turning into Gollum!

Posted in Destiny, Paladin, World of Warcraft on October 24, 2014 by Banhammer

“I must have the precious, I must! The precious must belongs to me!” – Banhammer, Paladin October 2014

What is the precious? well I’ll tell you, it’s a ring (naturally) that the Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monastery, to be precise this one, Band of the Petrified Pumpkin. Banhammer requires this, no! he NEEDS it! But can he get the bloody thing? The short answer (in more ways than one) is no! He has run the daily since the start of the event and has also been back in there around 40 other times. In all those visits I have seen the ring twice, yep twice. Both caster rings and the agility rings I have seen over and over again, getting sick of the sight of them to be honest, I just press greed and leave before the roll is completed. My Mage, Shaman, Monk and Hunter all have their rings, heck it’s the only thing that seems to drop, but not poor Banhammer (Or to that matter Saintangus!)


The object of Banhammers desires!

To vent his frustrations Banhammer has been beating up the poor denizens of the old Burning Crusade raids, The Sunwell, The Eye, Serpent Shrine Caverns, Magtheridon’s lair, Gruul’s Lair, Mount Hyjal and Black Temple have all suffered Banhammer’s mighty rage. To the point that he now has almost completed quite a few tier sets for Transmogging, so something good came out of all this!

Oh to have a Destiny, or a Halo!

I broke and finally bought Destiny for my PS3 (still saving for the PS4) and it’s just as I thought it would be, Halo-esque with a MMO style grind attached to it, a little melodramatic I know but it’s my blog! lol. I know it’s a controversial view to have but for me the Halo games are just “Meh!” I’ve played them all, well the first person shooter ones at least, they never thrilled me, the universe didn’t excite me and the game just lacked any emotion. I don’t mean sobbing characters and heart rending death scenes but the game mechanics was just so dry!

I’ll try to explain further, let’s start with jumping. Look I get it, Master Chief is wearing some super power armour, yet apart from the in game view rising and then lowering you don’t even feel like your pressed the jump button. Now let’s take a look at weapons, the only games that you could ADS (Aim Down Sights) is the Sniper rifle and the pistol (I’ll point out this is from memory alone, if there was others I don’t remember them). MC (as I shall now call him) seems not to require putting a gun to his shoulder and aiming, despite nearly every human weapon having a butt stock?.

Now on to my favourite gripe with the Halo series, Halo ODST! That game was like stepping back in time to a place where we had lost the last few years of graphical improvement in the Halo series, now Halo 3 was a graphically great looking game, I won’t deny it, Bungie certainly put some effort into (most) of the environments in that game, ODST, which released around 2 years after Halo 3, looked and played like a game that was started, stopped, forgotten about, dusted off, finished and sold to Halo fans as it was cheaper than throwing it away and starting again!

The plot was thin, the graphics inexplicably poor when you compare it to the (almost) 2 year old Halo 3, The bad guys (heck I couldn’t even be bothered to look up their names), the Covenant (I looked at the Wiki in the end) have attacked a city, yet the city bares very little evidence of such a vicious attack? just a few wrecked vehicles, the streets are very clean with a distinct lack of rubble and bodies, such neat a tidy invading aliens aren’t they!

Anyway I digress, I put the disc for Destiny in the PS3 and begin the install process, which seems to actually be that I have to download the game from the internet, kinda makes you wonder what is actually on the disc doesn’t it? I picked the Titan class and started of on my journey around. . . .erm, Earth and the Solar system. I have been reasonably pleased with the game so far, despite the lack of any explanation as to what is going on in the game after the initial plot lay out, lot’s of people “could” tell me but they won’t! huh?

You character seems to react to jumps and lands with a thump if you go to high, plenty of aiming down sights, although there seems to be a lack of weapons and all seem to be a slightly better version of what you already have which is a shame. Environments beat Halo hands down, just so much better (as to be expected) but the core game it’s self is just about killing mobs, go to this location, kill mobs, scan location, go to next location to kill mobs, there seems to be nothing beyond that. . . . so far. I’ve even found myself just grinding on packs of mobs across a location to level up and not actually doing the missions or the “story” mode.

Talking of Story mode, it’s so unremarkable, I guessing someone could tell me, but they won’t! lol I’ve got as far as Venus and I just don’t remember anything about the story or even why I am there! I go from diamond mission indicator to diamond. .  .you get the idea just shooting mobs, preferably in the head for the quick kill! For me Destiny is an improvement on Halo but it’s certainly the metaphorical apple that hasn’t fallen far from the tree. I am planning on completing the story mode at least, that is if I can stop going to Scarlet Monastery or playing GTA Online, I do love  race! Just don’t think I’ll be playing Destiny long enough to see where future DLC will take the game, but my guess it the story is done until Destiny 2, time will tell!

(Oh over 1000 words, spelling and typos are Copyright Banhammer and will be fixed as and when I see them)


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