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Money can’t buy you happiness!

Posted in Games Workshop, Space Hulk, Uncategorized on September 25, 2014 by Banhammer

It is said that money cannot buy you happiness, look it’s even there in the title of this blog, but I think I have evidence to prove that sentiment wrong. You see recently I had £75 set aside to test this theory, all scientific like. But first some background information which is required to fill out space in this blog.

In 1989 being a young 17 year old, a year into my first job, pretty much dedicated to gaming on my Atari ST home computer, ahh I played Elite Frontier on that computer for so long I am surprised my TV screen didn’t have the game burnt into the screen, *Wiping away a tear of nostalgia* Where was I? Oh yeah I remember, at this time I was also getting into Games Workshop and a table top game called Space Hulk had just been released. I bought a set and at that point I was hooked.


Since that time I have bought the expansions, the computer games, the second edition and even the Full Control APs’s Space Hulk game I bought through Steam, the only thing I didn’t buy was when GW did a limited release of the third edition box set back in 2009, you see at that point the world had seen fit to make me unemployed and while I was looking for a job, I didn’t have the money to buy the version, with all it’s new shiny models, new board sections and game tokens, I was at that time what the internet would call “A sad Panda!” However as of the 20th September 2014 GW re-released Space Hulk and this time I am in full time employment and have the cash!

The Experiment in to happiness!

So clutching my £75 in hand and with a sad look on my face, remembering the bad old days of 2009 I arrived at my local GW shop. . .sorry Hobby Center.

“One copy of Space Hulk please.”
“That’ll be £75 please.”
“Here you go.”
“Here you go one copy of Space Hulk in a bag, Enjoy”
“I will!”

Even before I left the shop. . .dammit, Hobby center I could feel the smile creeping upon my face, by the time I had got home (about a 25 minute bus journey, I was practically skipping. Was I happy? you better believe I was happy, finally it was mine Space Hulk 3rd edition (maybe 4th edition?) was mine.

In conclusion. 

In answer to the age old question can money make you happy? Yes, yes it bloody can, scientifically proven right here, right now!

In other news. . .

I finally got around to playing Dishonoured on the PS3, I bought it ages ago but was either to busy play Battlefield 3 or something, I don’t really remember, but it’s actually quite a good game, graphics are nice and clean, environments well laid and thought out, I would heartily recommend picking up a copy if you have not already! #latetotheparty

I am also thinking of getting back into World of Warcraft, but not sure if I want to do so before Warlords of Dreanor? Serious consideration to be had there!


Picking up a brush, again.

Posted in Citadel, Games Workshop, Paints, Uncharted 3, Wolfenstien on May 15, 2012 by Banhammer

A few weeks ago Citadel, Games Workshops miniature figures and paints “division” released a complete new range of paints. Within the paint range are 7 types of paint in the range, these are Base, Shade, Layer, Dry, Technical, Glaze and Texture.

Each type of paint has been formulated to serve a purpose, Base, Shade, Layer and Shade being the main bulk of your painting (ok maybe mine at least) With Technical, Glaze and Texture providing more advanced usage.

It has been a long time since I had painted anything miniature and as my paints had been in their box on the shelf many of them had dried up and had to be thrown away. A sad day lol.

So I decided to treat myself to a few new paints from the new range to see what the system is like and invested in the Citadel Warhammer 40,000 paint set at the princely sum of £22.50.


What do you get?

In the box you get a reasonable selection of paints 8 in fact, you even get a “Starter brush”, a sprue containing 5 push fit (kinda) Dark Angel Space Marines and a painting guide! The colours you get are Caliban Green, Mephiston Red, Leadbelcher, Mournfang Brown. Which are the “base” paints. There are two “layer” pots of Ulthuan Grey and Ushabti Bone also for your fun and delight there us also a “technical” pot of Imperial Primer” and a “shade” called Agrax Earthshade.

8 paints and a brush walk into a bar. . . . .

Five ‘kinda’ push fit Space marines with a painting guide.

The guide is pretty nice addition to a paint set to be honest, it does not show you how to paint at ‘eavy metal standard but will pretty much get a first timer started and will have them painting to a reasonable gaming standard.

Lets get painting.

The painting guide gives us an 8 stage method of painting Dark Angels, the only flaw is that three of the eight paints the guide says to use are not actually included in the set, but luckily there are suitable alternatives. Using the guide and a steady(ish) hand I ended up with the results below.

The end result, my first Dark Angel EVER!. . . . .

. . .And in other news.

I started play Wolfenstien on the PS3, my gods that game is both great and tiresome at the same time. Upgrading your weapons as you play, lots of mobs to kill, powers to get what more could a gamer ask for? Well not having to cross time and time again across the same zones too “hand” in quests would be a good start. All in all I would recommend the game (as long as you buy it cheap) campaign was good story ending was ok, clearly setting it up for a sequel, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Yes I am late to this party but I just started playing Uncharted 3 on the PS3, another pretty good game as well. . . so far.

Way to long between blogs.

Posted in Battlefield, Black Library, Books, Games Workshop, Ironman Challenge, World of Warcraft on March 10, 2012 by Banhammer

I apologise to anyone who is a loyal reader for not posting any blogs recently. I have been busy levelling in Battlefield 3, I’ve managed to get to level 32, slow and steady is the name of (my) game. You can check out my profile at EA/DICE website Battlelog (You have to have registered with them to be able to see my profile though which is silly tbh)

Iron Tauren: Part 4

For those that was looking forward to any Iron Tauren news I can tell you that I have got Cattleina to level 45 and finally got my first plate armour items, 5 level later than I could actually use plate 0.o
She finished off Ferelas and was working her way steadily though Thousand Needles when I had to stop. Not because two people have completed the challenge but because it is actually hard work battering your way in hand to hand combat and I kinda hit “the wall”.

On the official web page a player called Kripparrian has already got to level 85, but he was player as a hunter which is as good as having an extra character helping you out, pfft cheat :p
I plan to get back to levelling Cattleina very soon, I feel that I am neglecting her heroic progress across Azeroth, although there is a good reason.
I have managed to get a new zone completed with Banhammer and made good head way into another, 10 achievement points at a time (slow and steady remember lol)

I read books, me!

Another very good reason for lacking of blogging is that I have recently finished of several of my Xmas books I got/bought. First was Terry Prachett’s Snuff, yet another great book from the master himself. I also read the most recent Horus Heresy book. Know no Fear by Dan Abnett, another master author. This book tells the story of the Word Bearers attack on the Ultramarines, good news is there is plenty of scope for a part two of this book, I do hope there is. I started on Nick Kyme’s Nocturne which is part three in the series about the Salamanders chapter of Space Marines, but I left it in the truck at work and won’t be able to get it till Monday 😦
I can’t be that sad as I still have plenty of other books to read including book 2 and 3 in the Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin. Although I will add I am loath to start them as the TV series starts on Sky Atlantic soon and I don’t want to spoil the TV show.
Normally I prefer books to the film/tv versions but in this case I started with the TV show rather than the books so I’ll carry on that way.

In unrelated news but. . .
. . .because I want to post them, here is two pictures of soem miniatures from Games Workshop I painted.



Space Dwarves are making a come back*
Cadian Ork Hunter. I painted this guy before Citadel’s new washes and it looks very rough. I might remake him soon.

Why I hate THQ but don’t really.

Posted in Games Workshop, THQ, Warhammer 40k on January 10, 2012 by Banhammer

When I was 16 many years ago back in the dizzle, a friend of my introduced me to Games Workshop. Back in those days they was still selling other peoples game systems and miniatures but what caught my eye was the recently released Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader rule book.


The cover of the book that has spurred an long time love of Warhammer 40,000.
The cover art was so inspirational, I didn’t know who they where but the “last stand” fighting back to back with an unseen enemy was just mind blowing for my 16 year old brain.

I purchased this book and have never looked back since. While I did play a few games, well just a few goes at the starter mission “battle at the Farm” I spent more time reading the rules and all the back ground information or “fluff” as we call it. Since then I have bought each successive version of Warhammer 40k and many of the associated products i.e. Necromunda, Space Hulk, Battlefleet Gothic, Gorkamorka and even Epic 40k (Or Adeptus Titanicus/Space Marine as it was originally called. (I even bought the Inquisitor rule book, although I have no idea why if was awful and I was never really into D&D style games.)

Fire Warrior and the Dawn of War.

So with this love that has lasted decades I was pleased to hear (ok this is going back a little now) that there was finally going to be a decent FPS based in the 40k universe called Fire warrior made by THQ sadly it fucking sucked! Graphically ir was so poor, in fact I would go aas far as to say it was a straight port from the PS2 to PC and it showed. Compared to other games out at the time THQ should have been ashamed to release that. I bought it Saturday afternoon and took it back to the shop in disgust by the same time Sunday. I thought this would be the end of the 40k franchise but lucky for the gaming world THQ saved the day with the Dawn of War series. Now DoW was not without it’s issues and for me was far from perfect but to finally see Space marines in power armour and terminator armour pounding the electronic battle field was a dream come true.

Showing the love.

So enamoured with the DoW game I bought all the expansions and enjoyed spending hours playing the campaigns and couldn’t wait for Dawn of War 2 sadly DoW2 was just prettier, maybe a few tweak but that was about it. Next we have the “All glory to the Hypnotoad” moment in THQ’s 40k series of game which is Space Marine. OMG this game is just magnificent, stomping around in my power armour shooting, stab, chopping, barging, exploding and all round bitch slapping Orks by the hundreds is just awesome! *drool* Online play too, character customisation even DLC *boo!* skins to represent different chapters. This game has it all yet it seem it doesn’t, finally THQ have got a 40k game spot on and what are they doing with it? They are walking away and leaving it behind, as I read in this article from Eurogamer. |>Source<| Apparently there will not be room for development for it considering the 2013 release date for the Warhammer 40k MMO. Pfft. To add insult to injury the story line for Space Marine is left hanging in limbo, with this news in mind that is where it will stay.

To me this is an unforgivable sin on behalf of THQ, the story needs to be told or at least finished, I just hope THQ have the common decency to at least make a short campaign DLC or at least publish the full story so we can see what happens in the end. Otherwise THQ will feel my hate : P

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