2013 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 760 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Timeless Isles. Timeless fools.

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The Timeless Isle is not exactly new, I know, but I only visited it a few times before I un-subscribed from World of Warcraft. When I re-subbed one of the things I wanted to do, actually bother the complete the quest chain and so see where it lead.

Well it wasn’t that exciting, pretty much your common garden variety “go here, kill stuff come back” quests with the added bonus that a lot of the creatures and little treasure chests you find can drop tokens that convert into iLevel 596 goodies. Needless to say it’s is not long before you character has a lot of these items covering all armour classes that you can spread around your account, gearing up level 90 alts with out much effort. My characters get to look snazzy and I don’t have to spend hours in LRF/Flex/Normal raids hoping that there is an off chance I get a item of loot week in week out, those days I don’t miss.

Now I get to the reason for this little blog post, while I was in a group of players I met for the purpose of grinding Timeless Coins and Rep a pair of players was trying hard to trick people into flagging themselves “PvP” so they could attack others. Now I have met idiots like these before, back in the days when I clicked on mobs more often than I should (not even sure why I would even have done that now *shrug*). by moving back and forth over the mob you are attacking their hope is for you to accidentally select and attack them, flagging you pvp and they can then attack and kill your character. They get to feel big and clever, you get to waste game time on a pointless corpse run and maybe camped while they wait for you to respawn.

So there I am attacking  mob, hack, chop, slash, dodge huge frontal attack, repeat and these two idiots are running back and forth over the mob I am fighting in the vein hope I will click them and be flagged pvp. But as I know their trick already I am being extra careful to not click on screen, using my mouse and buttons to move and fingers on the keys to fire off my attacks. I even kitted my mob a few yards over but they followed me. What stuck me as odd was that they was speaking in English in /s which I thought was odd for Horde, they must have figured out the way the game converts Horde languages to English. That is when I noticed they was Alliance and somehow flagged openly pvp so that they could even attack fellow Alliance!

Once the mob was dead I moved to a safe spot and whispered one of them directly and asked “Was you really trying to get me to be flagged pvp so you could kill me?” I got a reply right away saying “Yes but you was too pussy!” I’m guessing this was meant to goad me into offering them a fight or something but I simply replied “lol You are so Burning Crusade!” never did get a reply back even after I sent the person whisper along the lines of “Nothing to say?”

What I felt was truly sad was that a couple of the people I was with said “Just let them kill you, they will only do it the once!” I just thought why the casual acceptance of this mild bullying in the game, because someone wants to get their jollies by pvping you? So I told my group that there is no way they are getting me flagged pvp and that they can fuck right off! There is a reason I play on a pve realm and that is I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time waiting for some joker to attack me every 10 minutes.

So this round I will consider it a win in my favour.

World of Warcraft: A return.

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Well I went back to Azeroth, after about 3 months off, not that I was craving the old world or the grinding and multiple Alts spread over multiple servers but I met someone at work who also plays World of Warcraft. That makes “IRL” people I know who play World of Warcraft up to a heady 1! Yep a whole one person. So I plumped (hmm not a real word? go figure!) up the cash for 1 months worth of subscription fee to see if I could still get on in Azeroth.

First thing I did was do some daily quests, no surprise there, then I headed off to http://www.askmrrobot.com to make sure Saintangus, my Tauren Paladin was enchanted, gemmed and reforged proper, cost me about 500g right of the bat, but at least that was done. Well 30 minutes later on the Timeless Isle I had managed to get myself some 496 iLevel bits which required more expenditure to get it all reforged and correct.

So there I was mooching around the world when my mate invites me to the “Flex Raid” version of The Siege of Orgrimmar, I accept the invite and transported to the instance and I was dead with in about 2 minutes! No ideal what was going on, no addons, no raid warnings, just good old Decursive running, even it is an out of date version. I like that addon 😀

It seemed I just the raid late in the day and Saintangus found himself in the final boss fight against Garrosh Helscream, it took three tries to get him down, fight go was some mysterious (well to me at least) wipe involving a giant metal spike ball? The second time we was close them something went squiffy not sure what, just not my fault which was good. Third go I died rather suddenly and had to spend the whole fight dead, not a bad thing it turns out as my friend guild defeated Garrosh and I go a nice new pair of trousers to celebrate with 🙂 Oh wait reforging again. . . . in the end I spent a hefty 2000+ gold on reforging, gems, enchants and inscriptions. in the space of a few hours, lucky for me Saintangus was sitting on 23,000 gold (yep that is a lot of dailies I used to do!

Next up Timeless Isle adventures.

The Rage, Oh the Rage!

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Been quite for a few weeks, you see I am a busy bee, sometimes the rest of the time I am just being lazy. But for my loyal readers. . .you have to be loyal to read this drivel, I present my new blog post.

Red Dead rage.

I had not lifted my PS3 controller for sometime so decided to play a game I liked the idea of but didn’t get when it was new, so I treated myself to Red Dead Redemption with the Zombie expansion pack for the bargain price of £17.99 brand new. As it is pretty much GTA on horse back it didn’t take long to get back in to the swing of things. At first I kept failing little side missions, for example I kept getting a guy run up to me to rescue his wife as she was going to be hung, figured out I should shot the rope lol another one for me was the ambushes I would ride right into them as I was paying more attention to riding my horse. Anyway things settled down and I was progressing nicely when two things happened that made me hang up my six shooters.

The first incident was when I met a guy I’d rescued a few time now during the “I know you” side story. The game had bugged out and I couldn’t holster my gun. So when I leapt from my horse I pressed by mistake the aim key and the story was then listed as “Failed”. As I had not saved the game recently I would have had reloaded a few mission back to get to this point again. The second straw that broke the back of the camel was just after I was given a task to break in a horse, so it could be ridden you dirty minded people, I was asked to get a guys horse back. I checked the map and he was some distance away already so I’d need my horse. I whistled and waited, eventually the horse I just tamed turned up just as I was told I had failed to get the horse back. To this I gave a heavy sigh turned off the PS3 and went to read my current book.

Battlefield rage.

With the new World of Warcraft 5.3 patch out I went back to play out the story of Vol’jin’s rebellion although fun it was very short, disappointingly so. After that there seemed nothing to do my grind quest items for the weekly hand in. So I went back to Battlefield 3 as a little diversion from that grind. For a few days I was quite sanguine and was enjoying myself immensely, I even switched to my alternative account as there was nothing left for the main account to unlock barring Sniper rifle bits and as I am a shit shot with those I felt it best to leave them alone.

The Saturday however was a different story, the game is back to people who are seemingly bullet proof and even after having a whole magazine emptied into them can then turn right around a put one burst into me and I am dead!

In one instance the target was 10 feet or so away (hard to really tell in game terms but pretty close) I aimed, red dot centre mass, pulled the trigger 27 rounds later he has 2% health left!! DAFAQ!

As so it went person after person un-killable but can kill me with ease. Look I know I am not the best player, far from it, I am pretty confident in say that I am just above average. I have a K/D of around 1000+ kills more than deaths, a 400 SPM and around 1.2 Win/Lose ratio. But it would seem on weekends there seems to be a whole raft of people that are not only un-killable but supremely accurate with weapons well out side alleged effective range.

At this point I am about 6 on the rage scale, I still putting in reasonable K/D per game, losing game after game though. Then I get to today, Sunday night, A few quick games and then back to reading. Playing TDM on Caspian Borders I see a guy through a gap in a barricade, I aim, I shoot, blood spurts, spent shell casing leap away in slow motion, 30 bullets later, considering I practically have my barrel pressed to his back, he is down to a few pixels of health and I aim killed by someone else!

9.9/10 on the scale!

I know when a gun is fired the recoil makes the gun bounce around a little but even the worst shooter in the world could not miss from there! Oh wait a minute I did it seem. I respawn and I am immediately gunned down, thanks game, thanks a lot. Respawn again and I find myself heading after a guy he runs into cover I am close, so close, I aim, I have him in my sights, he’s mine, dakka dakka dakka, 30 round spit forth, the smoke clears and low and behold he still has 1% health left and guns me down in one burst from his AK-74U!

The band Spinal Tap had a gag in their film about their amps going up to 11, well good new I have a rage bar than goes all the fucking way to 20 out of 10. So I quit out turned off the PS3 and walked away, it was that or I am going to the shops on Monday looking for a new PS3 controller and those smeggers are not cheap!

On a more lighter note.

I noticed that my alternative character for Battlefield 3 have a “Quit” percentage of 29%. Now I know I don’t quit that many games in progress but if I queue for TDM and get Rush mode I am out of there is a hurry, same with Conquest. If I wanted them game modes I would choose them, but it would seem EA/DICE’s quick match browser cannot tell the difference!

To delete or not delete?

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Over the years I have spent playing World of Warcraft I have played all the classes available to the adventures of Azeroth. Well I say “all” what I mean is I struggle to play the Warlock class past level 15 and have never had one at max level for any expansion, but to be fair to the class it has changed quite a lot over the years and for me may now actually be playable.

It is change that brings me to write todays blog, When World of Warcraft was new I was one of those people who was rolling characters all over the shot. Within a short period I had rolled a Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Paladin and Hunter. I had not rolled a Druid and the Night Elf was the only race at the time that could play that class and I wasn’t about to lower my standards and roll and Elf!!

Anyway most of these characters I kept, some I deleted but in the end I had a full compliment of the classes baring Druid and Warlock. I had briefly (several times in moments of boredom rolled Warlocks and Druids only to delete them around level 15 to 24, the classes just never caught my imagination. So I just never bothered with them and carried on playing my other many characters.

Then the burning started!

Sometime during The Burning Crusade expansion I had a little spare time so once again tried rolling a Druid, this time I had managed to do some reading and spoke to some people in the guild I was in and rolled a Balance Druid or as I became to call them “Lazor Chickens”. This was more like it pew pew all over the shot, I really got into the Druid class now and very quickly got max level. For me the class became even better in Wrath of the Lich King expansion and I played the snot out of my Druid and even had a full set of armour from the tier vendor, the only other character that was better equipped was Banhammer.

Cataclysmic intervention.

During the Cataclysm expansion Blizzard did the most amazing thing ever and that was to introduce the “Sunwalkers” or in game terms, Tauren Paladins! So after levelling Banhammer to Max level the next logical choice (for me at least) was to roll a Tauren Paladin and Saintangus was born. Maxing him out was a pleasure but next onthe list I chose to level my Druid (called Moomin btw) but now Blizzard had changed the class and introduced some Sun/Moon thing (I get it this is the “balance” thing) but I just could not pick up the class again, my DPS was always lowest and I felt ineffectual.

Ok look, for me being high on the DPS chart is not a big thing, but if my DPS is soo low I feel like I am not bringing anything to the group, even if it is a LFD run, this annoys me no end to the point that the only reason Moomin was max level at the end of the Cataclysm expansion was that I levelled him in the world and avoided dungeons completely.

7 Years later.

I have played since the EU launch of World of Warcraft with only a few months off in total. Yet still I have no Warlock at any level in my character lists (several Paladins, 3 on my main server alone). I think maybe the time has come that I should try out Warlock class again, the issue is this. Should I delete a character on my main server or roll on one of my alternative servers? I personally leaning towards my main server because I have my own guild there and plenty of gold, items and heirlooms to go around. This then is why this particular blog post exists, even if it was once again a long and winding road to get to the point.

Should I delete Moomin the unplayable Balance Druid and roll a Warlock? To delete or not to delete that is the question, a question I am failing to answer myself.

Perma Death!

Posted in Ironman Challenge, World of Warcraft on April 26, 2013 by Banhammer

Sometime ago I tried the “Ironman Challenge” where the goal was to survive using only grey/white quality, no talent points or having trade skills. I rolled a Paladin, Tauren of course and managed to get her to level 50 before stopping. I stopped mainly because it was a pain in the butt to get armour and weapons which made levelling a slog. In short I was not Iron enough for the Ironman Challenge.

Having recently got my 4th level 90 character my Mage called Windlepoons. The more aware of you will not the achievement says “Terrific Trio” and I said “4th” level 90, that is because I have two Paladins at level 90. As the achievement is for different classes I was not awarded it early because of that.


Anyway bringing the conversation back to Perma Death, after getting Windle to max level I decided to try and get back into my Ironman character, the thing is the changes to how characters level in terms of spells means that most of the spells I would be using while levelling requires actually picking a spec, which under the Ironman rules would be a violation. So I decided to roll her (for it is a female Tauren) as a Protection Paladin, I really need to learn to tank with my Paladins but I am finding protection spec a little over “technical” for my tastes.

Ironman for a new generation.

What I have decided to try out is my own version of the Ironman challenge. The rules are simple but a little more generous that the normal version.

1. Pick a spec and talent tree options (as you level)
2. No gifting cash, heirlooms, weapons and equipment from other characters.
3. No guild or guild perks.
4. No Auction House.
5. Only items that are gained as quest rewards or player made. Only exceptions will be gems in TBC and above content.
6. No dungeons, LFD or otherwise.

While I am sure there are rules I could add that seems enough for now, but I think you get the gist. With those rules in mind I was thinking of trying again with my own set of rules, the only thing to do is to pick a class and race. Tauren is a good bet for me 😛

Dead classes = Boring!

Posted in Mage, World of Warcraft on April 13, 2013 by Banhammer

I have 3 characters at level 90 now and trying for the 4th and to get the achievement for 3 max level characters who are different classes. The character who drew the short straw for that task ended up being my Mage called Windlepoons, he is named after a character from a Discworld novel.

Currently he is level 89 Fire Mage and about half way to level 90, but I am struggling to play him effectively. The reason for this is that the current recommended spell rotation relies on A) being a Octopus or at least have an extra hand and luck at getting spell effects to boost damage.

I’ve give you the current recommended rotation as it seems to stand as listed by a few sites.

Execute the following priority for optimal DPS.

  1. Combustion with Ignite on the target.
  2. Pyroblast with Pyroblast! proc.
  3. Inferno Blast when Heating Up procs.
  4. Living Bomb refresh with < 1 tick remaining.
  5. Fireball as a filler spell.

The issue I have is that the first 3 of that “rotation” are actually “if” spells, if you get the right spell effect press the button. The only two spells in the rotation are Living Bomb and Fireball!
Last expansion Mages had a proper rotation, his spells put DoTs or spell effects on the target that boosted damage. For example if you had Living Bomb and Pyroblast DoTs on the target spell damage was increased. This meant your rotation had to include spells to keep up DoTs all I do now is play “bash the button” or “Whack a Mole” if you will.

What is really annoying me is that not only is Fire Spec currently the bottom of the DPS ratings for class right now (Arcane being the best) I am being out damaged by a good 10k DPS by other classes.

When I look at Recount I am being shown as having my DoTs up for longer than most, as active, if not more so than most other people in the instance but I do bugger all damage.

Another thin that is really killing the class (in my eyes at least) is that the spell casting effects has become listless and not “amazing” looking as the class used to be. To be far the graphics for the Fireball & Pyroblast spells was changed some time ago to actually look like a ball and around 90% less cooler!

Dowdy Graphics

I managed to capture this screen shot that makes the casting of the Fireball spell look amazing, but the actual “ball” looks shite. Look at that piece of shit! it’s rubbish, it is in fact just a lava textured badly created “lump”

Shaman’s lightning bolt has was also slapped with the dowdy graphics bat sometime ago and in stead of launching bolts of lightning from their fingers you get this gods awful “fizzle” effect. The end result for the Mage and Shaman class is to have removed the “bang, fizz crackle boom” from the class and replaced it with this fat wheezy dribble spell animations. It certainly take the edge of the class for my money at any rate. 

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